[RSA] Authentication Manager 8.1 SP1 update with Patch 9

Dear colleagues,

here are the highlights of the patch 9:

  • now it allows you to preserve agent host associations when duplicating group (command-line interface required)
  • can be rolled back

What you will need is:

  • 8.1.1.x.0 operational VM\physical instance (primary of replica)
  • ISO with the update
  • am-update-
  • SHA256:28facadbece8eba0ad058149f56bea685ced750f53a8ba05dd135ed4d5a803e0

    means to mount the ISO:

    • use the browser to upload iso directly (note the ISO upload size limit of 2 GB)
    • use nfs share
    • use cifs share
    • use dvd/cd (described below)
  • 4 GB of free disk space
  • all replicas running fine and replicating (if not running solo)
  • reliable backup
  • maintenance window open (services will restart, if running only a primary instance that means downtime)
  • start the process always with the primary instance as first one
  • remember all patch releases are cumulative

Recipe (dvd/cd):

  • for delivering, mounting the ISO please follow this article
  • connect to Operations Console, go to Maintenance -> Update & Rollback
  • make sure Update Source is configured to CD/DVD
  • click on Scan for Updates button
  • click on Done button
  • AM 8.1 SP 1 P 09 should be listed


  • click on Apply Update button
  • provide guest OS application user credentials; before clicking on Apply button make sure all dependent teams are informed about what will happen next (couple of services will restart, authentication service will be degraded, monitoring alarms will set off etc.)
  • review the update process
  • after this installer finishes you will be redirected to a different one, the port will switch over to 8443 in the browser
  • wait until you’ll see the confirmation: Successfully applied update AM 8.1 SP 1 P 09
  • connect back to Operations Console, go to Maintenance -> Update & Rollback and confirm the version AM 8.1 SP 1 P 09


  • double-check if the process went fine by clicking on Download log; this will download a txt log file, one of the last lines should include:
Configuration step UpdateRollback:postUpdate 

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